About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Bay State Education is a college counseling, education consulting firm primarily assisting Chinese international students in their search and application process for middle-school, high-school, undergraduate, and post-graduate degree programs. Our goal is to ensure that our students have a positive and memorable study abroad experience in the US by helping them with their academic needs inside the classroom and to provide social mentoring to address any issues that may arise outside of the classroom. All of our students receive specially tailored guidance that's designed individually for them to address their individual needs and goals so that they can reach their highest college and career potential.

Our Vision

We treat each student with patience, care, empathy, and compassion; every student that we work with forever becomes a part of our Bay State Education family. Our aim is not only to help students achieve their college acceptance goals but to ensure their continued success once they arrive at college and eventually into their careers. We want every one of our Bay State Education "alumni" to become productive and valuable changemakers who will make considerable contributions in each of their respective future career fields.

Our Method

Our team works together to assess and identify every student's needs and priorities. We design a multi-year high-school education plan that is tailored to each student based on that student's goals and weaknesses. Every educator and advisor at Bay State Education brings unique experiences, cultural perspectives, and years of different professional educational expertise.


Together as a team, we determine what the best and most effective approach is to help each student. We take pride in our team's multi-cultural and professional diversity, particularly the vast expertise of our career industry leaders who help advise students on a multitude of career and job options post-graduation.

The Bay State Difference

While other college counselors typically begin working with students towards the end of their high school years, we aim to begin our work with students right when they begin as high school freshmen. For international students, our academic coaching and mentoring components include helping them with all aspects of assimilating to the American high school experience. We place special emphasis on helping students fully embrace the American abroad experience by helping them navigate through course selections, identifying self-discovery & growth experiences, extra-curricular participation, community service & volunteer opportunities, summer internships (abroad or in their home country), and building their confidence through improving their critical thinking and writing skills - the key attributes that will help them succeed in college and any career path they choose to pursue.

Education Consulting: High School & Business Workshops

Bay State Education staff members have extensive experience in various areas of education. Our staff includes American licensed teachers, professors, school guidance counselors, administrators, tutors, and distinguished business professionals with experience working multi-culturally around the world in different countries - particularly in the United States and China.


Our leadership team and educational counselors have first-hand experience working with both Chinese and American students, at both secondary and post-secondary educational settings. With expertise in bridging the gap between American and Chinese education, Bay State Education offers college workshops and training to not only international students, but we also provide consultation to Chinese high school administrators, staff members, and education-based businesses. Our leadership has given presentations and plan to continue providing annual workshops at high schools, businesses, and other venues in major cities across China, including in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Xi'an. 

Career Industry Advisors

Another difference working with Bay State Education is our group of Career Industry Advisors - experienced and seasoned adults who currently enjoy great success within their industry. We vet and retain only the most credible experts from a variety of industries to ensure we always have a trusted advisor who is knowledgeable on just about every major of study available at the undergraduate and post-graduate level.


Our Career Industry Advisors are able to answer student questions about the academic pathway/requirements to enter the industry, discuss trends and promising companies within the industry, provide insight on what companies are looking for when hiring new talent, help students prepare for their interviews, and potentially even help students find internship offers or work opportunities. 

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