"Education is the passport for the future,

for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

                                                                                   - Martin Luther King, Jr.

About Us


We are a Boston-based education consulting firm focused on helping students (particularly international and first-generation college-bound students) explore and apply to American universities most befitting to their academic goals and potential. We equip students with the knowledge for them and their family to make the most well-informed decision on which school they ultimately will attend.


We meet every student where they're at and we begin mentoring students as early as middle school. We design, implement, and continually modify multi-year educational plans that are tailored to students' individual strengths and weaknesses as they grow into young adults and future leaders.



We provide a range of student services and we tailor specific packages depending on a student's personal goals, academic needs, and knowledge of American colleges, A sampling of our primary college counseling services include:


1.) Mentoring and coaching students through high school (especially international students)

2.) Helping students discover areas of interests, talents, and aptitudes

3.) Identifying suitable colleges and universities for students to apply

4.) Counseling students fully through the college application process

5.) Assist with acculturation and assimilation to Western culture

6.) Mentor student-athletes through the college recruiting process


Our goal is to prepare students for success and to maximize their learning potential within a western educational paradigm.

Our Team

A dedicated, multi-cultural team of education experts, we understand the complicated and anxiety-provoking process of applying to American universities for all students, particular first-generation students who are the first in their family to attend college. Our team of educators share a common passion: to positively influence the trajectory of our students' lives. This common goal motivates us all to ensure that our students receive the personal care and attention each of them need to reach their maximum potential. 


Click below to learn more about our executive leadership team, as well as our staff of expert educational consultants, college counselors, industry career advisors, and academic tutors.


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