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About Bay State Education

Bay State Education is an education consulting firm focused on helping international students navigate their search and application process for middle-school, high-school, undergraduate, and post-graduate degree programs. 


For students preparing to apply to college, our goal is to optimize their odds of acceptance through academic advising, extracurricular activity planning, and cultural education. Students receive a tailored guidance plan that's designed especially for them to address their individual needs and goals so that they realize their highest potential. 

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Our Vision:

We advise each student with patience, care, and empathy; every student that we work with forever becomes a part of our Bay State Education family. Our aim is not only to help students achieve their college admission goals but to ensure they are prepared for continued success once they arrive at college. We want every one of our students to become productive and valuable changemakers who will make considerable contributions in their career fields.

Our Method:

While other college counselors typically begin working with students towards the end of their high school years, we begin our work with students right when they begin high school. For international students, our academic coaching and mentoring components include helping them with all aspects of assimilating to the American high school experience. We place special emphasis on helping students fully embrace the American study-abroad experience by helping them navigate course selections, identifying self-discovery & growth experiences, extra-curricular participation, community service & volunteer opportunities, summer internships (domestically or in their home country), and improving their critical thinking and writing skills.

The Bay State Difference:

Our team works together to assess and identify each student's needs and priorities. We design a multi-year high-school education plan that is tailored to the student based on their goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Every educator and counselor at Bay State Education brings unique experiences, cultural perspectives, and years of professional educational expertise.


Together as a team, we determine the most effective approach to helping each student reach their educational and career goals. We take pride in our team's multi-cultural diversity and professional experience in counseling students from all backgrounds.

Cultural & Social Assimilation Programs:

With decades of combined experience in international education, our staff recognizes the impact of how cultural and social differences influence students' performances inside the classroom. Aside from academic coaching and advising, we present students with opportunities and activities to participate in outside of school. Through culturally diverse excursions, activities, and trips, we educate our students on important western etiquette and customs that will help them assimilate to living and studying in the US faster.

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